Testimonials 2024

Boatshare share Sales 2024

January 2024: Thanks to your website, my share has been sold Please remove as you see fit.

January 2024: just to let you know that our share in Honeystreet has just completed. I believe the enquiry came through you, so many many thanks! Please remove my ad now.

January 2024: Share now sold so could you remove from website. Thanks for your help.... it sold as a result of your ad!

January 2024: Just to update your site. We have sold our share in XXXX, many thanks for you advertisement.

January 2024:......this one sold due to your advert......

January 2024: .....just sold one of my shares as a result of the advert being on the boatshare website.

February 2024: Just to let you know that we have now sold our share thanks for your help and such an efficient and painless service. 

February 2024: Good news the share was sold because of our advert with you. Thanks again for all your help the £50 payment was well worth it.

February 2024: I lost count of the number of offers. I have sold it to the owner group who of course has to approve any new shareholder arrival so I had little choice.

February 2024: ......please cancel my advertisement for the share in XXXXXX- the share has sold as a result of the advert, so thank you very much.

March 2024: You will be pleased to hear that thanks to your brilliant website my share in xxxxx is now in the process of being transferred to its new owner, so please can you take the advert off the website.   I have been impressed as I had quite a few enquiries when I wasn't really expecting that much interest until the holiday season kicked off.   It certainly paid-off putting a listing on with you.

Thank you for providing a great service

April 2024: Please be advised that we have now sold our share in XXXXXXX, via your website.  Following the mail shot, we had lots of interest, many thanks.

May 2024: XXXXXX sold from your site.

May 2024: ........your website sold the share which was great news. As you are probably aware shares in our boat are rarely advertised so we are very happy.

May 2024: The share for nb XXXXXX has now been sold so could you please take the advert down. Thank you very much for your assistance. Your service, whilst being simple, does produce results.

June 2024: .....as far as I know it was indeed sold through our Boatshare advert.

June 2024: Just to let you know, we have sold our share inXXXXX ........Thanks for your help finding a buyer!

June 2024: The XXXXX share has been sold. We had three enquiries via your website, we are very pleased that we used it. 

June 2024: ...... the share was sold as a direct result of the listing, and sold for the (revised) advertised price.

June 2024:  One day on your site was enough! Our share on XXXXXXX is sold so please take off your site. Many thanks - £50 well spent.

June 2024: I can confirm that the share was sold as a result of your advert.  Although the share was sold to a previous syndicate member,  it was the advert which made them aware that a share was for sale.  Because they had left the syndicate they would not have received any of our internal communications. I take this opportunity to thank you for your fast and efficient service.

June 2024: That has worked a treat and my share in XXXXX has now been sold, many thanks for your help.

June 2024: Many thanks for all your help and excellent service. In a short time we have been able to sell our share which is great news. 
.... It’s an excellent site and service you provide and we are very grateful. 

July 2024: -  .....it was through your site. Sold for my asking price of XXXX with three 2024 summer weeks to the 1st enquirer......

July 2024: Not sure whether I updated you that the share in XXXXX has sold as of 14/6/24.....she saw it on your website

25 shares sold so far in 2024

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76 shares sold in 2023

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