Testimonials 2024

Boatshare share Sales 2024

January 2024: Thanks to your website, my share has been sold Please remove as you see fit.

January 2024: just to let you know that our share in Honeystreet has just completed. I believe the enquiry came through you, so many many thanks! Please remove my ad now.

January 2024: Share now sold so could you remove from website. Thanks for your help.... it sold as a result of your ad!

January 2024: Just to update your site. We have sold our share in XXXX, many thanks for you advertisement.

January 2024:......this one sold due to your advert......

January 2024: .....just sold one of my shares as a result of the advert being on the boatshare website.

February 2024: Just to let you know that we have now sold our share thanks for your help and such an efficient and painless service. 

February 2024: Good news the share was sold because of our advert with you. Thanks again for all your help the £50 payment was well worth it.

8 shares sold so far in 2024

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76 shares sold in 2023

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NB Padworth