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Boatshare shares 2021

January 2021: I confirm that the share in DXXXXXXX has been sold.  Seen by buyer on your website initially but they then followed up via (management company). Without your site I doubt they would have spotted it. The reverse layout was apparently the main clincher to the sale. 

January 2021: Just to let you know e have now sold the boat. If you could update the site that would be great. Many thanks for your help with this we are still getting plenty of interest so I imagine the current demand is high.

February 2021: Could I please ask you to take the XXXXXX share off the market. It is sold. Just to let you know I had 4 people interested. The person that bought it contacted me in the first few days. Thanks for all your help.

February 2021: Hello Philip, I’m delighted to tell you that I have sold my share,  for the asking price, on the basis of a ten percent deposit received, until final payment on 6th February.
February 2021: Just to let you know that I have sold my share in MXXXX, so you can remove it from the website, many thanks for your help....definetely sold as a result of your website.... many thanks, regards, Simon.

March 2021: Could you please take down my advert for my share in IXXXX. It sold ages ago but I am still getting emails enquiring about
it. All the best. Andrew

March 2021: Rodbaston - details to follow (never did - but the site did sell the share)

March 2021: Just to let you know that XXXX was sold for the asking price today so can you take the advert down, please? Thank you for your speedy service. I will recommend it it to anyone who wants to sell their boat. 

I had 6 enquiries altogether (within hours of each other) and 3 made an offer at the asking price (one even tried to gazzump the others but I had already agreed the sale!) One person tried to offer me half the value and there went into a rant and swore at me when I told him it was sold at the asking price. Not someone you want on your books, I shouldn't think.

March 2021: Good morning Thanks to this advert on your website my share in NB XXXXX is now sold. Many thanks.

April 2021: Hi Phil just to let you know that we have sold XXXX share and could you please remove maximus from your mailing list
Thank you for all your help....the share was sold as a direct result of are advert and your advertising on your website.

April 2021: I am happy to say that the advert definitely did the trick and my share in XXXX has been sold, so only took 2 weeks which is impressive and a testament to your website's ability to attract the right buyers. Please can you remove the advert from the site at your earliest convenience. Thanks for your help 

April 2021: I have recently sold my share in XXXXXXX so wish to take my ad down now. I sold this share and a half share through you and I’m very pleased with the service you offer.

April 2021: Just to let you know that sale of share in XXXXXX to XXX XXXXXXX is proceeding

13 Shares sold in 2021 so far:

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