Boatshare Testimonials 2020



Boatshare sales 2020

January 2020: Thanks very much for your website we have last week sold our share in XXXXXX, We did use your website  a few years back to sell a share.

January 2020: ......it was sold through your website. It's a great help for buying and selling. Well done. Dave

January 2020 Just to let you know that after a few false starts we have finally sold our 2 week share on .......we didn't advertise anywhere else.

January 2020: We are pleased to say we have sold our share of WXXXXX and thank you for fabulous service.

January 2020: Just wanted to say thanks for the service my share for sale for NB CXXXXXXX went through at the weekend via your website.

January 2020: I have successfully sold my half share in XXXXX.  I would therefore appreciate it if you could please delete my advert from your website. Very many thanks for all your help.

February 2020:.....(BS) Can I just ask, as I like to keep statistics, if the advert on my site did the trick for you.  
(PP) Sale of MXXXXXn=====yes it was sold through your site.

February 2020: I am pleased to report that the share sale for CXXXXX has now completed so you can put the advert back into cold storage. Many thanks for your excellent service.

February 2020: Good news in that I have sold my share inXXXXXX so you can take down my advert. Many thanks for your help and obviously good service....!!!!

February 2020: Just to let you know that we sold our share on Exxxx this week so the advert can come of the website now.....The buyer did not say, (where they saw it for sale) but as it is the only means by which we advertised I think it is safe to say 'yes'.....Many thanks.

February 2020: Just to let you know I've sold my share in LXXXXX good going that thanks to your site.

March 2020: Philip. Sold! And directly resulting from this site listing, so thank you.

March 2020: We have 4 week shares in BXXXXXXXX (On the French canals), advertised on your website. Thanks to you we have sold 2 of those weeks.

March 2020: The share was sold in February. Sorry not to have let you know! For my statistics do you know if the sale came about from the advert on my web site?  Yes Philip, it did.

March 2020: Just to update you. We had 2 enquiries for Weeks XX & XX on RXXXXXXX and we sold them as a fortnight together yesterday, so success thank you.

April 2020: Hello Phillip luckily we have sold out share. Thank you for the advert it was sold to XXXX. Thanks for your help. 

May 2020: BS: We have been made aware that two shares in a boat sold off the web site.

May 2020: I have now sold my share in OXXXX thanks for all you help. He saw the advert on your site and found his neighbour also owned a share in OXXXXX and contacted me and purchased it the next day.

June 2020 My share in KXXXXXX has now sold - thanks I believe to the Boatshare.co.uk advert, which can now be taken down.
Many thanks for your help with the drafting/promoting it.

June 2020: This is to let you know that I have successfully sold my share in NB VXXXXXX through your site. I'd be grateful if you could now remove my ad. Thanks for the service.

June 2020: Just to let you know that our share has now sold and can be removed from the website...........It was seen on your site which brought a good level of interest despite the current situation. (Covid 19)

June 2020: I have managed to complete on the sale of my share in SXXXXX. Please remove from your site..........sold from your web site and had another interested buyer from the same source. Also had another enquiry this morning.

June 2020: Thanks to Boatshare I have now sold my share in OXXXXX, so would be obliged if you could remove the advert from the website. I had three enquiries and thanks to another member of the OXXXX syndicate, one of the interested parties was able to view the boat last weekend and has gone ahead with the purchase of the share. 

I had one enquiry from a retired German public servant who wanted to live on board OXXXX with his family! I soon put him straight about that.

June 2020: Just to let you know that in the last 24 hours since the email went out I had lots of interest, have held viewings and already sold the share! Many thanks again for all your help with the advert, but if you could now take it down that would be appreciated...

NB Avington
July 2020: It was very easy to get my advert on the site using a template from shares sold previously of the same boat.  Philip was very helpful and my share sold in less than a month.  We also bought our share using the same site so I can recommend it for both purchases and sales.

July 2020:  Lockdown must be well and truly over and your website has proved its effectiveness. In the past few weeks I have had a number of responses to the advertisement for our share in XXXXX. I am pleased to say that we have now completed a sale on it. Please remove the ad or mark it as sold.  Many thanks for your service.

July 2020: The advert was successful and we found a new owner, so many thanks and we no longer need the advert to be live.

July 2020. (BS) An owner has split a share, so part of the holding has sold.

July 2020: Please be advised that the share in nb XXXXX offered for sale on your site by Mrs and Mrs Fxxxxx has been sold. 
Thank you for your assistance. All the best and keep safe,

July 2020: Good news the share has sold despite buying blind as the boat is out for 2 weeks. Thanks for your speed in getting the ad live it was gone in a few days. I think due to the loss of foreign travel, shares will be snapped up in no time. Showed the buyer of the other share around the boat today.

July 2020: (Philip Boatshare) A share in SXXXXX was sold months ago I was advised and the vendor never told me. Advert removed. Private scheme and no adverts seen for the share anywhere else so, do you know what, I am going to claim it as a sale! 
(I subsequently got, quote, "thankyou philip loads of replies great site tony L" - so I will take that as the advert worked!)

July 2020: XXXXX sold on 15 July so please can you take the ad down. It sold as a result of advertising on Boatshare. Many thanks.

July 2020: We've now sold our MXXXXX share, so please could you alter the page to show that? From having no enquiries until March, soon after lockdown I had about six, another one today reminded me to cancel the ad.

July 2020: Good news! Today I sold the week in November aboard XXXX. Thanks, no doubt, to the mailing you sent out. The people were in touch with me, I think, the day after the mailing but Meridian was out cruising so they had to wait almost two weeks to view the boat.
It's been a pleasure dealing with you. Best wishes and good luck,

July 2020: Just to let you know that we have sold our share on FXXXXX now, as a result of your advert. Thank you for your help!

July 2020: I just wanted to let you know that our 4 week school holiday share in XXXXX is now sold. Thank you very much for your great advert and fantastic service. We had 7 enquires the day after the advert went live and subsequently 4 offers. That was after 18m of having the share for sale through (management firm) with only one very silly offer. Thank you again 

August 2020: ....Yes, I sold the share on BXXXXXX yesterday, the enquiry originated from your web site; so it does work and sometimes we have to be patient. Thank you for your services; they are recommendable....

August 2020: On asking a customer to renew an advert they advise share has been sold from the advert.

August 2020: It sold the next day mainly from the advert has he rang me from the marina before even viewed the boat to say he wanted to buy this year, at one time he had a share in the sister bought Sapphire and he knew the boat layout well but he was amazed at the work done to improve my boat and the  good condition that that she is in. Thank you very much for your assistance , I had to post quickly today on the advert that the shares were sold because I was getting that much interest in the advert I couldn't cope with the phone calls and the disappointment of people that it had gone.

August 2020. Hello, the boat has been sold. I cant find any other way to get it removed other than this email. (BS) Was it from my site? Yes it was thanks.

August 2020: ...just to advise you that we have now sold our share in CXXXXXX. This sale was directly as a result of placing an advert with you, thank you.

August 2020: A note to let you know the share in SXXXXX has been sold. Thanks for all your help, and assume you will either remove the
advertisement of show it as sold? I guess once the Covid restrictions were lifted it encouraged enquires. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to advertise on your site.

August 2020: I have received an offer for my shares which I have agreed, it is now pending completion. As soon as we have completed I will let you know to remove the advert. There was good interest as soon as the advert was live. Many thanks!  (Followed by) Please can you mark this share as now sold! Thanks for your help, a quick turnaround!

August 2020: Hi Philip - the share is now sold. Thanks for your support. Definitely attributable to Boatshare although it is a bit odd - I received this a few weeks back from an existing shareholder: "I know this may be a bit late in the day, but I could be interested in your share of XXXXX. I’ve just received a notification/reminder about it from the ‘BoatShare’ website (it works!)."

August 2020: Many thanks for all your help in putting our advert together. Our share has been sold within two weeks of you putting it on your website. Need I say more.....

August 2020: Please cancel my advert for my share in BXXXXX - I have now sold the share....I believe the new owner contacted me through Boatshare.

August 2020:  I'm glad you contacted me as I couldn't find your details. Yes I managed to sell my shares a few weeks ago thanks. Was it from my site? It certainly was.

September 2020:  Our share is now sold! Thanks for the excellent service.

September 2020: Advert seemed to work as we had five enquires resulting in two visits.  The first visit knew how old the boat was but decided it was too old.  Another contact decided they were going to take a managed Boat. The person who bought the boat knew exactly what they were taking on and were very keen to buy. Best wishes and thanks again.

September 2020: We would like to inform you that your advert was successful and we sold our share this weekend for £XXXX
many thanks.

September 2020: I am delighted to say that we have today completed the sale of our 'special' share in XXXX. An English gentleman living in the USA contacted us on the first day that the share was for sale.  I was skeptical having read your page of warnings but he said upfront that he had an English bank account and the full amount of money is now in our account. Thank you for your help and especially your patience in producing the advert.

September 2020: At one stage we had 3 shares for sale listed in various places including with you, now all sold thank you.  I think the specific share that I listed with you was sold via you.

September 2020: Please be advised that thanks to your website, I have been successful in transferring/selling the 4% share. Other than sending you an email if I need to anything further then please let me know.

September 2020: I was waiting for the counter signature expected on Monday but yes the sale came from you website, so thank you.

September 2020: Hi Philip, I'm pleased to say I have now sold my share. The purchaser came through your website - many thanks!

September 2020: Just to let you know that we have now sold our share in XXXXXX, thank you for your help

September 2020: Please can you remove my ad as I have now sold my share.... it was as a result of the Ad.

October 2020: Just a quick note to say that we have sold our share in XXXX to someone who saw our advert on your web site. Thanks for all your help.

October 2020: Can you mark this as sold ("Did it sell off the web site") Sure did. 

October 2020: Not a XXXX lead, so as I haven’t got my contact details anywhere else online in relation to XXXXX, can only presume that he spotted the advert any my email address on your site and got in touch that way.

October 2020: Just to inform you I have sold my share in XXXXX.... it was in response to your advert

November 2020: We have sold our boat share. How do we remove our advert? (Was it from the web site?)  Yes it was, we did had quite a few enquiries.

November 2020: 
I can confirm that this share has now been sold.....I had three equiries direct from people who saw the advert.

November 2020: Our shares in Skylark have now been sold, thanks to your advert. Please can you update your website.

 November 2020:  Good news, our share has sold in its entirety this morning. Thanks for your excellent service.

December 2020: This is to inform you of another success for Boatshare. Have just concluded a successful sale of a share in MXXXXX in time for new season as we hoped for. 

December 2020: Just to say that I have sold my share of XXXX through your website. The contact came a day after your mail shot. Only the Covid lockdown has made it take this long. Please remove my ad,

December 2020: Thank you for this reminder.  In fact we have just sold our share, so I have completed the form accordingly.  Having had no interest shown for nearly a year, perhaps not surprisingly under the current circumstances (Covid). I was amazed to receive two enquiries within three days of each other two weeks ago, both triggered by the advert on your Boatshare website, so definitely worth using the site. 

December 2020: It was as a result of your advert (with the mailshot being the most effective). I had three enquiries after the mailshot, one from the boat share website and one who saw the Facebook post.

December 2020:  Just to let you know that I have today completed the sale of my share, and to ask for the advert to be removed from the website. I was very pleased with the level of interest the advert generated and with how easy it was to use your service. It took a long time to get to a deal, partly because of the intervention of Covid and also because by the time I found a serious buyer the boat was due to be surveyed and the winter works decided on, so understandably the buyer wanted to wait until everything was sorted out. Anyway thank you again for all your help.

December 2020: I just wanted to let you know that the 1/6 share in XXXX has been sold.  Even though COVID19 has halted people moving around, I have had a lot of inquiries.  Am pleased that the sale has been successful. Thanks for your regular communications.

(72 shares sold in 2020)

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