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Shared narrow boat Longsdon

General information

Type of schemePrivate
Nominal number of sharers12
Year of build2009
Home mooring (2022)Great Haywood Marina
Mill Lane
Great Haywood
ST18 0RQ

Then Overwater Marina Nantwich from around September 2023
Engine Type (last known)Nanni N4 Diesel
Berths6 Berth, 1 fixed double, 1 double dinette,
forward saloon makes up to either two singles or
one double berth.
Change over dayFriday 
Are pets allowedNo
Is smoking allowed insideNo
Booking system
A booking chart for the following calendar year is 
circulated in agreed priority order before the owners’
annual meeting, where the bookings for the next year
are confirmed. Each owner has a priority for that year,
and moves up a couple of places each year: after a year
at the top of the list, the owner then starts at the bottom,
and after six years the cycle begins again.
Each owner can choose two weeks (separately or as a fortnight)
in the ‘high season’ (April to October inclusive), and one week
in the remainder of the year. By this route, thirty-six weeks
are firmly booked before the year begins.
Allowing for time for winter maintenance, the remaining
fourteen weeks are booked with priority in reverse order
to the original chart, so having last choice originally does
have its compensations. 
Priority for school holidaysA maximum of two owners may elect to take 
a share with school holiday preference.

General Comments About the Boat

Longsdon was one of the last narrowboats commissioned by Ownerships in 2009 and was constructed to a very high standard.
Longsdon has a “reverse layout” with the galley at the stern and has been very well looked after by its syndicate of owners.
It is powered by a Nanni N4.43, 4-cylinder 29.4 kW (43HP) Diesel engine powering a hydraulic drive and hydraulic bow and stern thrusters.  The engine is serviced every 200 hours in accordance with the manufacturers schedule and a regular programme of preventative maintenance, including regular hull blacking, is undertaken each winter.
Elecrtrical power is provided at 12V from a bank of leisure bateries and also at 240V from an inverter and shore line hook-up.
A ‘Webasto’ diesel boiler supplies heating via radiators in all areas of the boat.  Domestic water is heated by this boiler and also by the engine calorifier.
There are two bathrooms, both with pump-out WC’s and hand basins.  The main bathroom also has a shower.
The walls are of light coloured veneered maple, giving a light and airy feel.  Kitchen area and bathrooms have vinyl flooring and the rest of the boat is carpeted.  Lined curtains are fitted at all windows, with the exception of kitchen and bathrooms, where blinds are fitted.
All of the mattresses, seats and upholstery were recovered at the start of 2022.  The syndicate has decided that individual owners bring their own bedding, including duvets and pillows as this is more hygienic than leaving bedding on board to get damp when the boat is not in use.
Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and a fire blanket are fitted through the boat.
A “Maxi-View” system  which provides smart TV / DVD’s in the front and rear cabins, along with wireless internet access throughout the boat.
Longsdon consists of three distinct cabins which can be partitioned off with wooden doors, which open flat to allow unhindered access through the boat:

    • The rear cabin consists of the galley and seating / dining area.  It is equipped with a gas cooker (oven, grill and hob),   refrigerator with freezer compartment and ample storage for food, crockery and utensils.  The seating area converts into a double bed.

    • The centre cabin contains a fixed double bed which extends to 5 ft width, ample storage space and also the main bathroom with shower.

    • The front cabin consists of a seating area, which converts into either two single berths or one large double berth.  The smaller bathroom is also in this cabin.

From the front cabin, fully opening double French doors open out onto the front deck which has a seating area with lockable storage beneath. Leatherette cushions for the seats are removable for storage inside.  The large freshwater tank is also located at the front of the boat.
From the rear cabin, steps lead up to the semi-traditional helmsman’s deck with seating area and lockable storage, containing gas cylinders, windlasses, mooring chains etc. beneath.  The engine is located beneath the deck boards, which have sound insulation fitted to the underside.

Pictures of the boat

Shared narrow boat Longsdon
Shared narrow boat Longsdon
Shared narrow boat Longsdon
Shared narrow boat Longsdon
Shared narrow boat Longsdon
Shared narrow boat Longsdon
Shared narrow boat Longsdon
Shared narrow boat Longsdon
Shared narrow boat Longsdon
Shared narrow boat Longsdon

Specific details for the share offered

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Price in UK Pounds
Reason for selling
Pre-booked weeks included
Holiday entitlement with share offered here.
School holiday option possible?
Running costs for 2023

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How are the running costs to be apportioned
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General comments by vendor

Longsdon was one of the last narrow boats commissioned by OwnerShips in 2009 and was constructed to a very high standard.

The £99.00 monthly contribution (revued annually at the AGM) covers all maintenance, repairs, licence, mooring, insurance and winter maintenance programme. It also includes a contribution to a “future works” fund, which is used to pay for more major improvement projects such as the installation of the smart tv / wifi system and the re-covering of the upholstery. The incoming owner will benefit from these funds which have accumulated over a number of years.

The syndicate members are all very friendly and keep in touch via a google groups shared e-mail. We hold an AGM annually, usually in September at a central location to decide on work needed and any other improvements.

We have an agreement to leave Longsdon “as you would expect to find it” at the end of our week, and owners clean the boat inside and out before vacating. Our current marina offers an interior valet, at extra cost to the individual owners as an alternative.

We have aimed to move to a different cruising area every 3 years (although we have stayed at our present location for an extra year because of the effects of the pandemic).

A decision was taken at the 2022 AGM to move towards the end of 2023 to Overwater Marina in the Nantwich area.

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