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Shared narrow boat Jamaica Farewell

General information

Type of schemePrivate/Managed by an owner
Nominal number of sharers12
Year of build2006
Home mooring (2021/22)The boat will operate on remote change-overs
for 2021/22 but will be towards Wales and North West of England.
Engine Type (last known)Isuzu Marine 35 (2006)
Berths2 + 2
Change over daySaturday
Are pets allowedYes
Is smoking allowed insideNo
Booking systemOne share entitles each shareholder to 4 weeks per year. 

The year is split in to four quarters and weeks are drawn 
by lots and then mutual exchanges can be made.
Priority for school holidaysNo such scheme on this boat

General Comments About the Boat

The front bow deck has a three plant pots which give beautiful colour throughout the year and at the very front is the gas locker (two gas bottles) and the gas testing unit.

Entering through the bow double doors and down 3 steps you enter the 'living room' with two large windows allowing light in. 

Immediately to your left there is a Morso Squirrel multifuel stove with a backboiler (overhauled professionally in 2020) with twin lined flue (replaced in 2020) which feeds two radiators toward the stern of the boat using an efficient gravity system with no pumps required. There is also a stove fan ontop of the stove to circulate air around the boat to keep all areas warm through the cooler months. To the right there is a coal cupboard that can store 8 x 20kg bags of smokeless solid fuel. 

Above the cupboard is a book shelf and just behind the book shelf is a handy set of coat hooks right by the door. Infront of the coal cupboard is a movable footstool which can seat one and also stores the firelighting and kindling. 

A double sofa which folds out into a slim double bed at night. Moving past the sofa there is the dining area with a fold out free standing IKEA table and 4 stacked chairs on oneside with a former church pew bench on the otherside - meaning the table when fulled extended can seat 6 people. The fold out table has 6 draws with in it. 

Moving through into the galley space there are work counters on boths sides with a pull out draw, storage unit and workcounter. Three cupboards, with blue and white mess tin sets of side plates, bowls and pie dishes (for mains) for 6 people. 3 draws including a cutlery set. A stainless sink and draining board with a cupboard underneath, semi-automatic twin tub washing machine, and a 12v shoreline fridge with freezer compartment. There is a spinflo gas oven with grill and a 4 ring gas hob, with pots, pans, and other cooking utensils hanging above it. 

Moving down the corridor to your right is a spacious shower-room, with a pressurised shower in the centre allowing 6ft 6in of standing room, a Thetford cassette toilet, IKEA square sink and mirrored vanity unit, plus undersink cupboard storage. Next to the shower there is a washing basket. 

Moving through the door in to the bedroom, there is a double bed with overhead and underbed storage (4 deep drawers) and a double full length wardrobe at the end of the room, next to the door through to the engine room. Just infront of the door inside the main cabin is a step for shoe storage. 

The engine room is enclosed as it is a traditional stern narrowboat. It houses the Issuzu Marine 35 engine. Four domestic batteries, one starter battery, powered by 4 110W solar panels and two alternators connected to an alternator to battery inverter charger; and a separate 2kw inverter for running the 240v plugs in the living and kitchen areas of the cabin. The stern tube is an automatic water sealed system so no having to grease up after each cruise.

Pictures of the boat

Shared narrow boat Jamaica Farewell
Shared narrow boat Jamaica Farewell
Shared narrow boat Jamaica Farewell
Shared narrow boat Jamaica Farewell
Shared narrow boat Jamaica Farewell
Shared narrow boat Jamaica Farewell

Specific details for the share offered

Size of share as a percentage or fraction2 x 12th shares are available (correct June 2022)
Price in UK Pounds£4,500 per 12th share 
Reason for sellingI used to live on the boat but have now moved to dry land.
Pre-booked weeks includedFor the first year (June 2021 - June 2022) we are offering
the first 9 shareholders to pick one week from each season
on a first come first-served basis.

Going forward it will be one week per quarter by ballot and then mutual exchange. 
Holiday entitlement with share offered here.Guranteed 4 weeks per year - one in each season
School holiday option possible?No such scheme on this boat
Running costs for 2021

(How do these figures compare? 
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Each share is required to put in £67 per month to the boat's own
bank account
by standing order for the ongoing running costs.
The exact sum will be agreed upon each year at the annual meeting.

The original owner of the boat will retain two shares
and run the scheme on behalf of the other owners.

There is a charge of £21 per month made for administrating
the scheme for the other 10 owners. 

(Update by boatshare June 2022:
We suggest you check with the vendor that these figures are still correct)
How are the running costs to be apportionedI would ask the incoming owner to take over the 
monthly contribution from purchase. 
Contact details for vendor

General comments by vendor

The boat is fully insured with Circle Marine

We have Retainer Cover with River Canal Rescue

Built in 2006 the boat has been in private hands and was my home until this year. I have now moved to dry land but would still like to use the boat but now share it with like-minded others.

I plan to hold an annual meeting in January each year to draw a week for each of the 4 seasons, be presented with an overview of the finances and recommendations for work to be done on the boat during the coming year. Owners are, of course, not obliged to attend and the weeks can be drawn on their behalf. 

Four weeks a year are reserved for maintenance on the boat - typically two weeks in the winter season between 19 Dec and 19 March, with a week held aside in spring and autumn as a 'buffer'. If these are not needed they can be offered up to the syndicate for a fee to book as additional weeks. 

At the time of this advert going live I hold 2 x 12th shares and there are three other couples who have bought shares meaning there are 7 x 12th shares available. 

Please feel free to contact me with any question.s

There is a web site with more information and options here

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