Shared Narrow Boat Inglewood

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Shared narrow boat Inglewood

General information

Type of schemePrivate
Nominal number of sharers10
Year of build2002
Home mooring (2020)Wigrams Turn Marina, Shuckburgh Rd, Southam, CV47 8NL
Engine Type (last known)Nanni Diesel N4.50 - 50hp
Berths2 + 2 + 1 + 1
Change over dayFriday 
Are pets allowedYes
Is smoking allowed insideNo
Booking system
A booking chart for the following calendar year is circulated in 
agreed priority order before the owners’ annual meeting, 
where the bookings for the next year are confirmed.

Each owner has a priority for that year, and moves up a couple 
of places each year: after a year at the top of the list, the owner 
then starts at the bottom, and after six years the cycle begins again.

Each owner can choose two weeks (separately or as a fortnight) 
in the ‘high season’ (April to October inclusive), 
and one week in the remainder of the year.

By this route, thirty weeks are firmly booked before the year begins.

Allowing for time for winter maintenance, the remaining fourteen 
weeks are booked with priority in reverse order to the original chart, 
so having last choice originally does have its compensations. 
Priority for school holidaysTwo shares are 'premium' or school holiday shares, 
which have priority over the remaining owners' bookings.

General Comments About the Boat

Accommodation (described from stern):

The boat is on Reeves steel with a John Milburn fit-out

Semi trad deck with soundproofed boards to engine compartment below (Nanni Diesel 50HP, new in 2010).

Full length locker (containing two gas cylinders, manual switch over) with wooden seat cover. Life ring.

Hardwood door, steps down to bedroom, with 'en suite' porcelain WC (pump out) and wash basin, wardrobe, full length 4ft wide double bed (extending to 5ft) with drawers under, book shelf, TV shelf and cupboards over. Radiator.
Bathroom: vanity unit with large cupboard, wash basin, shaving point. Airing cupboard. Porcelain pump out WC, large corner bath with shower over. Radiator.

Galley with hatch, shelf unit, fitted gas hob, grill and oven, microwave over and wall mounted shelf unit.

Stainless steel sink and drainer, drawer and two large cupboards under. Two large work surfaces. Glass panelled cupboard (front and rear) over work surface, large fridge beneath.

L-shaped raised dinette, converts to double bed.

Two radiators and multi fuel stove. Cupboard/Wardrobe unit with drawers under. Wooden corner TV/radio unit.
Two armchairs which convert to single beds. Stools and small coffee table.

Double hardwood folding doors to front deck, with lockers, seats over. Water tank.

Pictures of the boat

Shared narrow boat Inglewood
Shared narrow boat Inglewood
Shared narrow boat Inglewood
Shared narrow boat Inglewood
Shared narrow boat Inglewood
Shared narrow boat Inglewood
Shared narrow boat Inglewood
Shared narrow boat Inglewood
Shared narrow boat Inglewood
Shared narrow boat Inglewood


Specific details for the share offered

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Price in UK Pounds
Reason for selling
Pre-booked weeks included
Holiday entitlement with share offered here.
School holiday option possible?
Running costs for 2020

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