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Some boats are in schemes where the owners have a "Special" (school holiday) share which allows them to select ahead of everyone else and pick weeks that align with school holidays.

The exact way this is arranged varies from scheme to scheme but clearly only a limited number of shareholders on each boat can have this status as if everyone had it there would not be enough school holiday weeks to go around!

GENERALLY owners with this status MUST pick from the school holiday weeks and cannot use it just to have first choice and on MOST boats there is a premium to pay on the annual running costs for this privilege where the non "Special" owners in compensation pay less per annum for not being able to select such weeks. (Where there are no owners on a boat with this status everyone pays the same percentage of the total running costs for the year.)

I assume you are reading this page as you have an interest in getting weeks that align with school holiday weeks, and the best thing you can do it to ask the vendor for the precise details of how it works on their boat.


This is an interesting one! 

Suppose the owners on a boat have in place an agreement that says up to three of them can elect to have a "Special" share but only two owners have have done so at present. This means an incoming owner can change the status of the share to "Special" for the following year(s). It does mean that the person buying in might NOT get school holiday weeks for their first year, by the fact they have to take what the vendor has previously booked, but going forward may well be able to get this priority. 

Once again the best thing to do is ask the vendor how to move this request forward on purchase if this interests you.

If you buy a share which is "upgradeable" it is important that you tell whoever looks after this aspect on your boat ON PURCHASE OF THE SHARE that you want to elect to have school holidays going forward. 

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For shares that are for sale WITH the school holiday status search for SKUL on this page

For shares that it might be possible to change going forward to school holiday shares search for SKLUP on this page

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