Review and promote your advert.

How to promote your share for sale if it is not selling

If you want to try and push your share a bit then there are a few things you can do....


CHECK YOUR PRE-BOOKED HOLIDAYS DATES ARE ALL LISTED. It maybe that since your advert went live you have selected more dates, you can add them by sending me an e-mail to change them. Make sure the period of time on the boat is shown and the YEAR of the holiday is correct. 

CHECK YOUR MOORING LOCATION. Is it correct? Is there a year shown against it? If you know now you will be at a different marina next year send in the details.


Sounds daft but make sure it all reads OK, if you advert says your boat has a "New" cooker when in fact it was replace four years ago maybe it is time to tweak the wording slightly?


Have a look how your price compares with other similar boats. You might want to tweak it? If you are selling in a managed scheme then you really need to be asking the same price as the management company are for your share. For the price remember the price is just that. I do not permit prices to show as "Reduced for quick sale" or ONO, all you can show is THE PRICE. (But see mail shot item below).

Remember if you drop the price and it does not work you can always put it back up! 


Shares are usually "nominally" for a 12th or a fixed number of weeks.

You could try, if your agreement allows, splitting this in to a smaller section, say a 24th, or selling your weeks individually?

NOW, under my "terms" for an advert whilst I will allow a comment like "Will consider splitting" etc. I do not allow two prices etc. so all you could do at this stage is add a comment, but maybe if you are renewing as your share has not sold in over a year it could be a way forward. Alternatively for a renewal fee you can change it totally, but if you do that then your advert will run for 12 months MORE, so if you had say six months left it would then run for 18 months. If you are interested in this option please contact me.


Nothing sells a share like some decent pictures. A lot of people buy shares "Blind" meaning all they have to go on are the pictures on your advert. Either take some decent new ones (especially of the inside) or maybe ask a fellow owner if they have any (or can take some) if you are not due on for a while. You can have up to TEN pictures on your advert.


You can, for free, advertise your share on social media, but to be honest putting it on Facebook Marketplace is not going to work unless you drop VERY lucky. One place you could try is the Shared Narrowboat Owners Group group on Facebook, that could work. (If you pay for it to go around my mailing list again I actually also post it here for you free of charge).


If you want I can send out an e-mail to my mailing list to draw attention to your share. Now, there really needs to be something to "hang" on such a mail shot. Something along the lines of "Mr Smith cannot use his weeks in his share in "Titanic" and as these are now only six weeks away he is prepared to reduce his asking price by £1,000 if somebody takes his share off him very quickly and uses the weeks". Remember you can always put the price back UP if you want to should this approach fail.

Now....to stop advertisers simply writing to me every week and asking me to re-circulate their advert around my list I do make a charge of £10 for any extra mailshots and it has to have been 3 months from any previous request. 

All you have to do it pay me by direct bank transfer to  HSBC, Ruislip, 40 39 13,  account number 91410466 in the name of P J Duerden (If asked it is a business account) or by PayPal from the link below. You then, of course, need to e-mail me and tell me what you want in your mailshot.

To Pay By Bank Transfer please remit to HSBC, Ruislip, 40 39 13,  account number 91410466 in the name of Ruislip Online 
(and it is a business account if asked).


If you wish to make changes along the lines of any of those suggestions above please note the following:-

Your e-mail can only come from the address shown on your advert.

I do not allow comparisons with any other shares or schemes.

I do not allow any "patronising" language. e.g. The canal we are moored on is the best there is. Our mooring has a wonderful vibe etc.

You can only add more weeks or remove weeks that have elapsed, you cannot "Change" existing shown weeks.

If you have a large share and wish to make it smaller (e.g. you are advertising a 1/6th share for sale and want to split it to a 1/12th) then a further fee to renew your advert is payable. See this page (Link opens new window)

Please email me and I will get back to you should you wish to make any changes. You will have the e-mail address on previous messages regarding placing your advert. The e-mail address is not on here to try to reduce SPAM.