Advertising in a managed scheme or in an "Unusual" boat

Advertising a share in a Boat in a Managed Scheme or "unusual" Boat

To start with I do not placed featured adverts on seagoing boats quite simply because I do not think I would be able to attract the right kind of customers to buy them. 

Moving on.....

This page may interest you if you are selling a share in a commercial scheme such as BCBM, Carefree Cruising, Ownashare and J D Boats or if you are selling a share in, shall we say, something more unusual. 

I am firmly of the opinion that all of the above companies will try and sell your share for you, (and of course charge you, in most cases a brokerage fee for doing so). 

In SOME cases you are not "allowed" to put your share up for sale as there is somebody ahead of you on your boat who is selling, or in some cases there might be several shares up for sale but rather than show a boat with four shares for sale (as it looks like folk are deserting a (not) sinking ship) that might only show one or two shares actually for sale.

It follows that trying to sell a share in such a scheme is actually something that might take a long time.

Now, if you are really wanting to shift your share you might be prepared to drop your price a lot to move it, but the company might not want to advertise it at a price that shows a low price per share as it infers a high level of depreciation or just not advertise it AT ALL until another share on your boat has sold.

In recognising this problem Boatshare now offers a slightly different pricing structure which, although is available to anyone, is really aimed at those with shares in commercial schemes.

An advert for your share is STILL, £50 for 12 months, but as these managed shares can be slower to move then you can, if your prefer, take out an advert for 24 months for £75. Equally if you are setting up a new scheme or selling a share in something more "Unusual" where it might be harder to find a buyer then the longer option (and discount) is available to you.

All the same rules and regulations apply (you will see them as you fill out the form) but as I feel these shares could be somewhat harder to shift then a discount is offered should you wish to take it.

MOST 12th shares in Private Scheme Narrow Boats, where the owners manage the boat themselves, sell within 12 months provided they are correctly priced in the first place.