If you get lost filling out the forms

Don't worry if you get lost filling out the forms for your advert

If you get a bit lost or confused filling out the forms then the comments below might well save you loads of time and frustration!

Firstly if you have filled out ANY form and then hit submit and moved forward to the next form and something appears to have gone wrong I will almost certainly have what you sent in, also if you start at for example form three because you think I have forms one and two if I do not have them I will let you know!

There are five forms (well four really plus an extra page)

Form ONE is very short and just your name address, email address and phone number etc. It also includes the mooring location of your boat.

Form TWO is all about your boat inside and out and the booking system. If there is a page already written for your boat all you really have to do is pop in the boat name and move on to form three.

Form THREE is all about your share, price, size, weeks, running costs etc. 

Form FOUR is just to confirm that you understand the terms of placing your advert and copyright, and allows you to send me any message you might have for me outside of your advert. I also ask how you think you might pay, and for your e-mail address again.

Form FIVE isn't really a form at all, more a page and it just tells you how to send over and pictures and is actually very important as it tells you how to PAY for your advert!

So if you get a bit lost just start from the form above where you THINK you might have got to and don't worry - If it turns out you have missed one I will get back to you.