Find out first

I want to be the first to find out about shares for sale

Top secret. 

Of course if you tell everyone then you will no longer be the first to know if a share comes on the market, so you do yourself no favours.

Here goes

When I write an advert for a share I first put the green link you see on this page (for France etc. here) on the day I write it and before the vendor says the advert is OK to go live (which usually happens within 48 hours) and I also usually delay doing a mail shot for a few days. 

So if you monitor the page linked above daily for new green links you will know about shares before anyone else. Of course doing that every day is a right pain so let Trackly do it for you. You can have a few links for free with them and you only need to watch one page on my web site.

Register with them today and ask them to monitor https://www.boatshare.co.uk/uk-shared-narrow-boats for you and every time I change the page at all you will be notified.

Do bear in mind if you contact an advertiser before the advert goes fully live then it may contain errors/items to be corrected or adjusted.