Boatshare Customer Testimonials 2023

Boatshare share Sales 2023

January 2023: ......I meant to mention that it was sold through your advert, more specifically after the mail shot. So thank you very much!

January 2023: Both XXXX and XXXX shares have been sold. Both down to you.

January 2023: I can confirm that we have now sold our share in XXXXX.  Someone else contacted me via email but never said where they saw the advert, but by the fact it came via email I assumed it was from your site. By this time an additional share holder was debating to sell his share so I passed the details to him. 

January 2023:  Your website has worked. My share in XXXXX sold last night! Many thanks XXXXXX.

January 2023: (A share in a private scheme sold but the vendor never confirmed it was off the web site, as it was a private scheme the assumption was made that the advert on Boatshare sold it)

February 2023: The first share sale was a direct result from your site.

February 2023: Hi I have sold my share in XXXX today, I have had seven enquiries and am really pleased with the result. Thanks

February 2023: We are letting you know that we have sold our share in Narrowboat SXXXXX. Thank you for your help.

February 2023: I have now sold my share in XXXX  and would like to cancel my account. Thanks for your help is [sic} selling the share. 

March 2023: I'm pleased to inform you that the XXXXX share is now sold. The first response was received within 10 hours of the advert going live.  That person has since completed the sale. Boatshare.co.uk is certainly the place to do business with, thank you.

March 2023: XXXX is sold. Thank you..over 10 enquiries and we are delighted.  We will recommend you to anyone thinking of buying or selling. Brilliant..thank you once again. 

March 2023: Just to let you know that you can remove the advert for the one week share in XXXXX as it has now been sold.
Thank you for your help in selling this on.

March 2023:  I am pleased to advise you that our share in XXXXX has been sold today. Could you therefore take down our advert. Thank you for your help.

March 2023: Following the mailshot you sent out to advertise our share for sale on Narrowboat XXXXXX,  we had several enquiries, one of which has resulted in the sale of our share. As we have now completed the formalities of the sale, I would be grateful if you would take down the advertisement or mark it as sold - whatever you normally do at this point. Many thanks for your services in helping us to sell this share - we will not hesitate to reccomend boatshare.co.uk to any others who may be looking to sell, or buy a share.

March 2023: Thanks for the advert. I had 6 inquiries and have just sold to someone who already knows the boat

April 2023: Just a quick note to say that you may now safely remove our advert from your Website as we have this morning concluded a sale with one of the people on your databank. We have no doubt that our keenly priced share had something to do with the speed of the transaction – but we are also impressed that you clearly have genuine buyers on your lists as we received 7/8 enquiries and at least one other full price offer. Grateful thanks are therefore due to you for all your advice & assistance.

April 2023: You were on my list of things to do today. I sold the boat share yesterday and have received the money from him and sent him the key this morning so thank you very much for all your help and don't bother with the mailshot. I actually heard from him the day the advert went live but he works nights and so couldn't go to see the boat until the weekend so you are obviously correct in thinking people watch the list.

April 2023: .......Yes I sold the share as a result of your advert. Very pleased - thank you!

April 2023: We have just completed on the sale of our share. The purchaser was introduced via your website and this the third time we have used and been successful in selling a share on Boatshare. Many thanks again for such a useful and highly effective website.

May 2023: Just to let you know that I have sold my share in XXXX. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

May 2023: Thank you: that worked! We had two for the share at XXXX and both agreed to XXXXXXXXXXXX maintenance contribution made earlier this year. The advert may now be withdrawn.

May 2023:   We are just writing to let you know we have sold our 2 weeks on XXXX and would be grateful if you would kindly take the ad down. Thanks very much for your help - it was invaluable.

June 2023: I had three responses direct to me, also it appears XXX had at least one that I didn't. I believe more than one were happy to buy unseen. So I left it to XXX to work it out. 

June 2023: Hello Philip Sale has gone through......and well done you......Many thanks for your help-excellent service.

June 2023: Evening Philip. The mail shot has provided to be a hit. Had three enquiries within a few days, and pleased to say it SOLD.

June 2023: The asking price of £XXXX has arrived and is hovering over my account ready to drop tomorrow when the bank opens. 
That then satisfactorily ends the association with both {boats} for over 30 years - very enjoyable. Many thanks for all your friendship and help over this period.

June 2023: I've got to a point where XXXXX is fully booked for 2023, so it only seems fair to take my advert down.  Thanks for your help. I've been able to recruit another 6 shareholders thanks to your promotion. 

June 2023 ...my shares are sold the the advert can be removed. Thank you for your help.

June 2023 ......I sold the boat directly as a result of the website and specifically your mail shot.

July 2023: Just to let you know that I have now sold my share in XXXXX. Thanks for your help.....the sale was from your advert.

July 2023: We only had our share advertised with Boatshare and therefore I confirm that the share was sold as a result of our advertisement

July 2023: Our weeks on XXXXXX have now sold.  Please remove our advert. The purchaser first saw our shares on your website.

July 2023: Could you please amend the XXXXXXXX Advert to reflect the fact that the 4 shares listed are now all sold

July 2023: Just to confirm our conversation earlier, the share has now sold so please remove the add. Thanks very much

July 2023: Could you please remove the advert for the XXXXXXX boat share as it has just been sold.

July 2023: I am pleased - and relieved - to say that the sale of my share in XXXX was completed today. Thank you for your help.

July 2023:  This has now been sold and I would be grateful if the advert could be removed asap. By the way I had four enquiries in the end and sold the share for the asking price. Thank you!

August 2023: Just to let you know that we have finally sold our share in XXXX. Thanks for your help with the advertising – which brought the desired response for us. Please can you remove the For Sale listing for XXX from your site.

August 2023: just to let you know I've sold all (5) available shares for NB XXXXX for 2023 so wondering if you can remove / delist / put in hold the advert?

August 2023 Hello I am hearing your share in XXXX has sold Is this correct - should I remove your advert?  A week or so ago. The ad could be removed. Many thanks.

September 2023: I've sold the XXXXX share so ad can be pulled now. It was as a result of the ad. There is another couple.in our syndicate who want to sell their share so I will point them your way. Thanks for your help

September 2023: We have now sold our XXXX share, and the money is in the bank. So it is now OK for you to take the advert down. The initial contact was made to me via email from my contact information on your website.

September 2023: Pleased to report that after a slow start and several more time wasters, the share in XXXX has now sold - and as a result of the advert. Thanks for your assistance.

September 2023: .....apologies, our xxxxx share has indeed now been sold. Many thanks for your services 

September 2023:  I have now sold my share in XXXX.  The sale has been completed and all monies paid.  Thank you for your help in this matter and I won't hesitate to use you again if the need arises

September 2023: I am pleased to say that we have successfully sold our share in XXXXXX and wish to thank you for the service you have provided. I understand there are other syndicate shareholders offering shares to the market place at this time, but my interest has has ended.

October 2023: Please remove XXXX from your website as we have sold our share. Thank you very much for your help and the website.

October 2023: Just to let you know that we have successfully sold our share in XXXXXX so our advert can be removed. Seems the mail shot worked thank you.

October 2023: Could you please remove the advert boat sale completed yesterday. For you information the sale was via your site.

October 2023: .........Yes they did come via Boatshare 

October 2023: I’m pleased to say we have just completed the sale of our shares, so thanks for your assistance, and please now remove our advert.

October 2023: We sold the share as a result of the advert on your website. We also had two other people contact us interested in buying. 

October 2023: Both shares have now completed sale and I would be grateful if you can suspend the advert. FYI I understand on sale was from your advert and the other from another source,

October 2023: What a fantastic job your website does, XXXX put live on the 24th October and sold and money in the bank by Saturday the 28th. Many thanks   

October 2023: XXXXX is now sold....it was as a result of your mail shot

November 2023: I didn’t advertise the boat anywhere else so I guess it has to be your site that did the deal.

November 2023: They were both sold to people that saw them on your website

November 2023: ...amazing but in less than a week of placing the advert, XXXX is sold and paid for. Thanks for your excellent advice on placing adverts and your help with the pictures. We couldn't be more pleased. Best £50 we ever spent!

November 2023: Thank you for your help in advertising my three week share in XXXX. I am pleased to inform you the response was excellent and a sale has now completed by an American buyer.

November 2023: We’ve sold our share on XXXX. For your records we had 5 enquiries. All quite serious. We sold to the first person to view. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

November 2023: I’m pleased to say that we have now sold our share on XXXXXX or should I say exchanged shares. As in the advert we were looking for a six berth boat and someone reading the ad actually had one and were looking for a four berth. Needless to say the deal has now been done so my advert can be removed.

November 2023: ......the share sold through you by a couple who had a share on another boat that had been sold a year earlier.......

November 2023: The boat XXXXX has now sold could you take down the advert.....sold through your site.

December 2023: Yes l am pleased to say that the sale was a direct result of the Boat Share website. In fact we have had 2 other serious enquiries from the website both of which were from genuine overseas interest which under the strange terms of our boat insurance are not acceptable. We are encouraged despite these restrictions and will probably contact you soon to post another week for sale.

77 shares sold so far in 2023

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