Boatshare Customer Testimonials 2022

Boatshare share Sales 2022

January 2022: I'm very pleased to say that our 1/20th share of XXXX XXXXX has been sold. There were another 3 couples who had expressed interest in seeing the boat, so even without the mailshot the listing on Boatshare was successful. Thanks again.

January 2022: Delighted to advise that I sold the share in XXXXX today (at the full asking price) as a direct consequence of your mailshot
I had 5 responses on Sunday and Monday to the advert and the mailshot. The new owner would have bought sight-unseen they were that keen! But I insisted I had to meet them and they needed to see the boat. This we did this morning. Many thanks for your invaluable service

March 2022: I have finally managed to sell my share. Thank you for your input and advise. I will certainly recommend your site to the secretary of the XXXXXXXX.

March 2022: Philip - FYI - the XXX share has sold at asking price. Thx for your help...sold as a result of your ad.

March 2022: This is to confirm that my shares are now sold, so would you please remove the advert forthwith and many thanks for your excellent service

May 2022: Can you delete my ad please as the share has sold. The share was sold as a result of advertising with you.  I had over 10 enquiries and it was sold within 72 hours.

May 2022: I’m pleased to inform you that your mail shot/advert has produced an offer, and that we should conclude the sale by Friday
6th May. I guess we leave it live till then, but thanks for your help in ensuring a very quick sale, after being on XXXXXXX's sales books for 8 months!

May 2022: XXXXX is now sold - a friend of a friend read the advert yesterday - thought about it overnight and bought it this morning. He said the advert told him everything he wanted to know and more. Another person emailed at eleven o’clock last night to express an interest so your site works well. No mail shot needed.

May 2022: Just to update you that my share in XXXX is now sold. Someone came in from your email list and got a good deal at the flash crash price of £XXXX for a quick sale. You may remove the advertisement from your web site now. Thanks for your help.

8 shares sold so far in 2022.

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NB Padworth