Carefree Cruising Booking System

The Booking System on A "CareFree" boat works like this.....

Shared narrow boat Skylark
It has been designed for those people who know what time of year that they want to take their main holidays in, but who don’t want to, or can’t, take the same fixed weeks holidays each and every year. It also allows those dependent upon school holidays to also use their boat when they need to.

It is based upon buying “blocks” of time, either two weeks (1/24th share), four weeks (1/12th share), six weeks (1/8th share) or eight weeks (1/6th share).

Many people want to use their boat during the summer months of June, July and August (the weeks shown coloured Red on the calendar below). Others prefer to cruise in, April, May, September and October (the weeks shown coloured Yellow on the calendar below).

Our scheme allows you to choose when you want to take your main holiday and then you will continue with this choice throughout your ownership of the boat.

The “Blue” weeks are for winter cruising and maintenance.

If you own a 4 week (1/12th) share, our scheme will allow you to use your boat for 2 weeks together (3 weeks for a 6 week (1/8th) share and 4 weeks for an 8 week (1/6th) share) without having to swap weeks with your co-owners.

The calendar below shows the colour allocated to each week of 2016, with each week starting on a Saturday. The actual week commencing (the turn-around or change-over) day may vary depending upon which marina the boat is based at. The number and seasonality of the “Red”, “Yellow” and “Blue” weeks will be the same each and every year.

And if you own a 4 week (1/12th) share, you will be able to cruise for three weeks in the season every year, guaranteed plus you will also have the use of one winter week!

Based upon the 2016 calendar, with the co-owner changeover day being a Saturday, the weeks designated as “Red”, “Yellow” and “Blue” are:

Carefee weeks by colour
Carefee weeks by colour 2