Search for a boat share

How to narrow down your search for a Boat share

Most shared ownership narrow boats fall in to a single bracket, they are around 60' long, they have six berths, they have semi-trad hulls and have a mid galley.

There are SOME variations on this theme and this is where the search facility comes in.

SOME have a rear galley, SOME are shorter, around 45' and SOME have (say) four berths. Also SOME have "school holiday option" shares for sale. Some are based in France, some on the Norfolk Broads etc.

You can use the little box below to narrow down your search. Certain codes have been placed against each share to help you. By example an advert for a boat deemed as "Pet Free" is coded PEET, a school holiday share is SKUL - you can see a full list of all these unique codes towards the foot of this page and the search box is also repeated near them.

So, by example, suppose you want a 6 berth narrow boat with a rear galley layout and having a school holiday option on the share. Pop in 61ff + 6b6b + rgly and those pages containing said search terms will come up.

Slightly in-exact but you can also search within a price range. Say you want to spend between two and three thousand pounds on a share, if you pop in 2222 it will give you a list of all shares between £2,000 and £2,999 etc.

Equally 0000 any shares up to £999, 1111 will list £1,000 to £1,999 etc. 

A full list of the codes is below.

If you want a share in a smaller boat, or a wide beam craft, type in 45ff and shares in these boats will come up.

This should only show up on boats where there are shares actually for sale at the time of your search.

A full glossary of search terms is below - when doing your search you might find it easier to have this page open as well. So click here and have it open again for you to refer back to as you search.

Share in boats that are deemed
"Pet Free"
School holiday weeks
(Tip: Use this search first then the one below
if you need school holiday weeks)
Possible school holiday weeks going forward 
(Tip: Use the option above first then this one
if you need school holiday weeks)
Length 45' appx or wide-beam,
barges and cruisers
Length 60' appx (or greater)61ff
6 berths or greater appx6b6b
4/5 berth appx4b4b
Shares in boats having around six share owners or lesssixx
Rear-galley stylergly
Cruiser stern (narrow boat)crsr
Traditional Stern (narrow boat)trde
Private schemeprte
Managed schememngd
Scheme with fixed weeksfixx
Shares in boats in France
(or generally outside of the UK)
Shares in boats based on the Norfolk Broads
Shares in boats based on the River Thamesthms
Smoking - see note below
Up to £1,0000000
£1,000 to £1,9991111
£2,000 to £2,9992222
£3,000 to £3,9993333
£4,000 to £4,9994444
£5,000 to £5,9995555
£6,000 to £6,9996666
£7,000 to £7,9997777
£8,000 to £8,9998888
£9,000 to £9,9999999
Over £10,00010+ 10
Smoking: Some boats are deemed no smoking, where users may NOT smoke inside the boat, others not.

This is actually somewhat misleading as on a number of craft there is a "gentlemen's agreement" that people do not smoke on there but it is not actually laid down in the agreement.

If you have a need either way regarding this issue best bet is to ask the vendor where it says it is allowed to see if it actually happens in practice. In most cases although it says it is allowed nobody actually does.

If there is a search term you think I should add please do let me know, but please not canal mooring location in the UK (as boats move).

Of course you can pop anything you like in the box that you think might help!!