Advertising your share
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and is about sending pictures and paying for your advert.

Adding Pictures

An advert may have a maximum of 11 pictures. One of these is your "headline" shot that goes on the list of shares available and at the head of your advert.

The other 10 go in the main body of the advert. You cannot decide what picture goes where I will decided where they go from what you send it. This is because sometimes image sizes vary and it is not possible to put them where you might want them.

I recommend TWO decent outside shots and nine inside one, they MUST mainly feature the boat and not just be "Nice canal pictures". Concentrate on the "Living" area, pictures of the loo are all well and good but....

Do not send in pictures that you do not own copyright to or have permission to use. If you want to me to use pictures you do not own ask me by e-mail from the link below to "find some" and I will do my best. 

Can I ask that you send any pictures you want to add to the advert to my hotmail e-mail address as it is more reliable with large images. Click on the button here to generate an e-mail to  

 (or just type in to your e-mail software if that link does not work for you)

If I do not get any images I will assume you are OK with the ones already on any existing advert. If you are sending some to replace one or all of the existing images just send an e-mail to the same e-mail address to advise me of what pictures need to be replaced with what etc. unless you have already advised me on the previous forms. 

You can imagine the table of pictures are a grid with picture number one top left, number two top right, three second row left etc. if it helps to tell me which ones to remove and substitute. 


How much is an advert?

An advert is £50 for 12 months from the date the advert goes live on the web site (I usually also add a few days on "for luck"). If you think your share might be difficult to sell (unusual boat/managed scheme etc.) then you have to option to pay £75 for TWO years. In general shares in privately run (un-managed) narrow boats sell within 12 months if priced correctly but a discount is offered for a longer term if you want to take it.

Paying for your advert

You have two options from here to pay for your advert. You can pay by a direct transfer from your bank account to mine, or you can pay using PayPal, either by way of funds from your own PayPal account OR by using a Debit/Credit Card. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay using PayPal (See this page for confirmation of this)

To Pay By Bank Transfer please remit to HSBC, Ruislip, 40 39 13,  account number 91410466 in the name of Ruislip Online (and it is a business account if asked)

If you pay by direct transfer can you just e-mail me to tell me that is what you have done, where is the best address to use. Just say you have paid direct.

To pay by PayPal please use one of the buttons below.

When you go to PayPal to pay you will be taken to a totally different web site, do not worry, I will have all the data you have put in. 

Pay £50 for a ONE year advert below

Pay £75 for a tWO year advert Below

And That Is It

Thanks for placing your advert with me, as long as I am not on holiday it should be written within about 24 hours and if there is going to be a delay I should be able to advise you by e-mail (off my phone?). Generally I do NOT write adverts on Fridays and Saturdays as I am not in the office.

The next thing is that I will send you an e-mail asking you to check your advert before it goes fully live. Once you tell me all is well (after maybe any fine tuning?) it will go fully live on the site and I will, soon after that, send a message out to my mailing list (and I normally place details on any social media I can think of).